POA Circulars

121 | 27.09.2012

TUC Protest Rally - "A Future That Works" 20th October 2012

At the NEC meeting held on 27th June 2012 the Executive debated how to maximise the number of members attending the above. It was determined to ask the Union’s Communications Committee to provide options for the Executive to consider.

On 11th July, the Executive considered all of the options and agreed that the Finance Officer would source transportation so that each NEC member could encourage members from their area to attend.

The Finance Officer and Full Time Officer who had been working with the TUC on this issue produced coaches for each area. The NEC were advised of this and tasked to promote the coaches and pick-up points.

On 12th September, POA Circular 110/12 was promulgated to remind members of the transportation which was available and procedure for booking seats. Unfortunately, the level of interest from the membership has not been sufficient to warrant coaches in all areas.

On 26th September following an NEC meeting, it was decided to cancel transportation, with the exception of the North West and the coach leaving from Swansea.

If members had reserved seats on other coaches, they will need to access the TUC website and contact local trade councils and branches of other unions to see if they have any spare seats on their coaches.

I hope you understand the rationale behind the decision of the Executive to cancel coaches and minimise the loss of revenue.

Please draw the contents of this circular to all members.


Yours sincerely



Acting General Secretary