POA Circulars

117 | 25.09.2012

NOMS staff survey

A number of branch officials have asked for clarification from the Executive in respect of this year’s Annual Staff Survey from NOMS.

In line with Conference policy, more specifically ACM 42/2010 which reads:

“Because of the political spin used by the NOMS management board regarding the outcomes of staff surveys and the fact that information gathered in these surveys is used against the POA when submissions are made to the PSPRB. This Association adopts a policy of non-participation in any future NOMS surveys and instead conducts its own survey to act as a direct contrast”.

Therefore, no member of the POA should complete any survey from NOMS.

I will take the opportunity to remind you that the NEC has recently asked all branches to survey members in respect of morale and motivation. Once again, the Union will be conducting its own survey on the POA website.  This survey will reproduce the vast majority of questions contained in the NOMS survey and the results used by the Executive. Please complete this survey and assist the Union in pursuing a fair and decent pay award for 2013/14.

I trust this clarifies the Union’s position in respect of surveys.

Yours sincerely



General Secretary