POA Circulars

108 | 28.08.2012

E-petition Pension Age

As of today’s date 4,376 individuals have signed the e-petition regarding pension age for Prison Officers.

The closing date to reach our aim of 100,000 signatures is the 8th November 2012.

Each month until the 8th November 2012 an update will be put out to the membership.

Remember every member has a responsibility to assist with this campaign.  The e-petition can be accessed by going to http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/33537

Please help us to help you.  Reports have been given that some establishment computers will not give access to this e-petition.  Rather than worry about conspiracy theories members may wish to use their own computer at home or if indeed they do not own one access one from a public library.  Encourage your family and friends to sign the petition and let us work together to secure pension justice for all of our membership.


Yours sincerely



General Secretary