POA Circulars

101 | 15.08.2012

Pension Ballot - Final Opportunity to Vote

Following the promulgation of POA Circular 99/2012, the Executive are still concerned that a number of members have still not exercised their democratic right to vote on the final offer from the Coalition Government, in respect of the changes to the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme.

Officials should again ask their Governor to allow them to distribute staff mail as part of their daily duties on Thursday and Friday as we press ahead with a final push to maximise returns on the pension ballot.  All ballot papers will need to be posted by Friday lunchtime to be counted by ERS.

Please circulate the contents of this circular to your members in an attempt to capture members who have not voted.

Unions have fought for democracy and the right to vote, this is your opportunity please use it.

Thanking you in anticipation of your total support and co-operation on this vital issue.


Yours sincerely



Deputy General Secretary