POA Circulars

89 | 19.07.2012

Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme Ballot

I would like to remind all members eligible to vote on this extremely important ballot, that as a member it is your responsibility to ensure you vote.

POA Circular 85/2012, sets out in Annex B what members should be doing if they have not received a ballot paper.

For clarity I attach Annex B once again with the fax number for Electoral Reform Services which is 0208 365 7013.

The Executive have the right to extend the ballot if there is a need to do so, but I would encourage if you have not done so already to cast your vote.

There should be no excuse for a poor turnout in this ballot.  Your future pension is at stake.  Make sure you have your say.  I accept there has been a delay in some establishments receiving their ballot papers from the initial timetable set and I have discussed this with ERS that is why the Executive can extend the ballot and this will be looked at in due course.

I remind you the offer is on the POA website and in previous Circulars.

Branch Committee’s are also encouraged to call branch meetings, in order to discuss the final offer and to encourage their respective members to vote.


Yours sincerely


General Secretary

POA Circular 89-2012 PCSPS ballot.pdf

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