POA Circulars

82 | 06.07.2012

Errors in calculating pensionable pay

The National Executive Committee has been trying to reach a resolve regarding the errors, which have occurred in respect of calculating pensionable pay.  The Union has also instructed Counsel to consider any legal challenges, which may be available to members, if NOMS decided to pursue members for repayment.

In the latest round of correspondence between the POA and NOMS, NOMS has advised the POA that they intend to pursue members for full recovery of any underpayment, although we are awaiting a written reply to the letter we sent in response to this decision.

We are in receipt of Counsel’s advice and the Executive will now take the appropriate action to pursue an initial claim for maladministration through the Internal Disputes Resolution process (IDR).  The Executive are also preparing a standard letter for all members affected by the maladministration to be submitted to the employer and this will be promulgated shortly.

At this time we do not intend to issue legal proceedings for any individual as the first step is to follow the procedures under the IDR, as this is a precursor to any complaint to the Pensions Ombudsman.  However, a meeting with Counsel has been arranged and more information will be promulgated in due course.

I would be grateful if you could draw the contents of this circular to all members.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation.

Yours sincerely


Deputy General Secretary