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75 | 29.06.2012

Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme Ballot

The National Executive Committee have determined the timetable for the ballot on pension reform within the Civil Service Scheme for our members in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland at an Executive meeting on 27th June 2012

The ballot will be a postal one and conducted by Electoral Reform Services. The timetable of the ballot is as follows;

Distribution of ballot papers between Monday 2nd July and Thursday 5th July 2012.

Ballot opens Friday 6th July 2012.

Ballot closes Friday 3rd August 2012.

Result announced Monday 6th August 2012.

All the information regarding the final offer is on the POA website and contained within circulars that have already been promulgated. Contained within the envelope from ERS each member will receive a simple ballot paper with one question on it which requires a yes or no decision. No other information will be inserted into the envelope, so it is imperative that the membership familiarise themselves with the final offer and case studies in order that they can make an informed decision.  This is your opportunity to exercise your democratic vote as a POA member.  There can be no excuse for a poor turnout in this ballot.  Remember it is your future pension. Please take time to vote.

The National Executive Committee have determined that we will not be making a recommendation, but remaining neutral to allow our members to make an informed choice and we have previously stated pensions mean different things to different people.

Please find enclosed posters encouraging the membership to vote.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary

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