POA Circulars

72 | 28.06.2012

Pension Contribution Underpayments

You will be aware that the Association have been in discussions with NOMS over a series of alleged underpayments in pension contributions.

NOMS had instructed payroll to begin deducting the correct level of contributions from this month’s salary while discussions continued with regards to alleged underpayments and how these would be recovered.

However we have just been informed by Shared Services that an error has occurred and alleged underpayments from April of this year have been deducted. NOMS will be issuing guidance to Establishments which will include making arrangements for any member of staff who has been affected by this mistake to receive an advance of salary equivalent to the amount that has been wrongly deducted.

Updates on discussions on the wider pensions error problems will be issued as soon as possible.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation.

General Secretary