POA Circulars

71 | 28.06.2012

E-Petitions Prison Officer Retirement Age

An e-petition has been commenced on the Government website in respect of prison officer retirement age.

The petition can be found at; http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/33537

The closing date is the 8th November 2012.  At present there are 1,586 signatures.

The aim is to obtain 100,000 signatures to try and force a debate in the House of Commons.  As part of our on-going strategy in relation to forcing a Government u-turn in respect of the linking of normal pension age to state pension age,  we would request that every branch in the country co-ordinate and organise their branch to ensure every POA member gives their signature.  Family and friends should be asked to sign and let us together make the 100,000 signatures achievable.

Every month until November 2012, I will put an update out on how many signatures have been added.  Our website will also feature this important petition.  Remember the Campaign will only be successful if every POA member acts on this Circular.

I would like to thank POA member Alex McKillop (Polmont Branch) for taking the time to put the e-petition on the Government website.  To add your signature takes about 30seconds.  Make sure you add your signature and fight for the right to be heard on pensions.


Yours sincerely


General Secretary