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67 | 19.06.2012

Pension ballot

The National Executive Committee on the 13th June 2012 determined that a ballot of the membership would take place in respect of the changes to the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme.

Arrangements will now be made to conduct this, which will be a postal ballot.  Further details surrounding the timing of the ballot will be promulgated to the membership in due course.

For clarity, the ballot at this stage will only affect those within the Civil Service Pension Scheme within England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  Other arrangements will be confirmed for the NHS Scheme within our Secure Psychiatric Hospitals in England, Wales and Scotland.  It is accepted that Northern Ireland comes under the Civil Service Northern Ireland but the offer is no different for our members in that scheme.  Both the Chairman in Scotland and Northern Ireland have been consulted on the ballot.

The POA website has details of the proposed pension reform with pension case studies and percentage contributions in the new scheme.

Previously POA Circular 33/2012 was distributed which must be used in conjunction with all pensions material, as this is the final offer.  There are no more negotiations to be had by the POA.  This is your opportunity to vote on your pensions and your future.  This also may be an opportunity for those individuals who are not in a trade union and are eligible to join the POA to do so as a matter of urgency as it will be POA members, as being the recognised trade union, who will have their say in this extremely important ballot.

In due course the Executive will be putting out more information and posters in relation to the timetable.

The Executive urge all members to visit the website and read the information available so that you can make an informed choice on the future of your pension.

Please find attached a copy of the partial subsidy by the employer from 68 years to 65 years which is 50% along with the buy back in percentage terms to 60 years of age.

Francis Maude Cabinet Office Minister has informed the POA they are not prepared to break the link between the state pension age and the normal pension age and there are no further discussions to be had with any union on pensions as the final offer has now been made to all public sector members.


Yours sincerely


General Secretary

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