POA Circulars

63 | 11.06.2012

Final Proposals for a New Pension Scheme from 2015

The National Executive Committee commissioned Pension Advisers to summarise the pension proposals from Cabinet Office to assist members to make an informed choice on their pensions.

A short video along with case studies and an overview of the proposals are available on the POA website www.poauk.org.uk from today.

We strongly advise all members to access this information and make use of the links to the Civil Service website and for independent financial advice.

On Wednesday 13th June 2012, the NEC will be meeting to discuss the final offer on the buyback scheme from 68 to 65 made by NOMS, this will then be added to the information for your consideration.

Also at the meeting the NEC will be setting the timetable for balloting the members on whether they accept the new pension scheme.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary