POA Circulars

61 | 06.06.2012

New POA membership benefit

This circular is to bring to your attention the latest membership benefit available to you from the POA.


Union Rewards gives you cash back, discounts and loads of great deals for your online shopping. To help you get started you’ll receive a Free £10 Welcome Bonus from them, paid into your account just for signing up! Plus there are over 2,500 online retailers so you won’t be short on choice.

Whether you are booking your next holiday, visiting theme parks or attractions, buying clothing, grocery shopping or looking for a deal on eBay or Amazon, make sure you are logged in to Union Rewards.

You can earn £5 for every friend, family member or colleague who you recommend that joins Union Rewards. They will also get a £10.00 welcome bonus, there is no limit for the number of friends you can refer and if you refer 10 friends and they join, its £50, if you refer 15, its £75 simple, easy cash for you!

SIGN UP TODAY cut and paste the following link into your browser http://www.unionrewards.com/refer.php?referrer=10023

Or via the membership benefits section of the POA website @ www.poauk.org.uk

REMEMBER accessing this and other discounted POA benefits found @ www.poauk.org.uk you can significantly offset the cost of your annual union subscriptions.

As your Finance Officer, I will continue to source new and improved providers to ensure that your subscriptions are wisely spent. I am always open to suggestions for new benefits and if members believe there are goods and services which may be of interest to the membership, please contact me and I will investigate these further.

I would be grateful if you could draw the contents of this circular to your member’s attention.


Yours sincerely


Finance Officer