POA Circulars

56 | 24.05.2012

POA Welfare Fund Non-contrubuting Members

In accordance with Annual Conference motion 14/2012

“Conference authorises the Executive Committee of the POA Welfare Fund to enact a 3 month suspension of the word ANY from rule E1 of the POA Welfare Fund constitution. Thus allowing non-contributing members another opportunity to join the charity”.

This circular is to inform all eligible POA members who are not contributing to the POA Welfare Fund Charity, of this one final opportunity to join the Charity.

The Charity's objects are in the relief of the poor and of sickness.

In brief in satisfying these objects, the assistance can include grants of money in the form of:

Weekly allowances, special payments to relieve sudden distress, payment of traveling expenses for visiting people, for example in hospital, convalescent home, children's homes etc. Donations to other charities payments to assist in meeting electricity, gas and water bills; or payment of television license fees.

The provision of items such as furniture, bedding, clothing, food, fuel, heating appliances washing machines and fridges. Radio or television sets for the lonely, the bedridden or the housebound.

Payment for services such as essential house decorating, insulation and repairs, laundering, meals on wheels, outings and entertainment, child minding.

The Welfare Fund Charity also funds attendance of POA members at the Fire Fighters Rehabilitation Centre’s.

The Welfare Fund cannot furnish assistance in debt related matters.

The monthly contribution to the Charity is 50p and you can ascertain if you are a non-contributing member by simply checking your latest bank statement, if you’re POA subscriptions are £13.50 you are contributing and need do nothing. If you pay only £13.00 you are not contributing to the Welfare Fund and should take this opportunity to join as only those POA members contributing to the Charity are eligible to receive assistance from it.

If you wish to take up this final opportunity to join the POA Welfare Fund Charity, please complete the attached pro-forma, which must be received by the Membership Department at Cronin House no later than midday on Friday 24th August 2012.

A Full copy of the POA Welfare Fund Charity constitution can be found on the POA website at www.poauk.org.uk all members of the charity are bound by its constitution.  

Yours sincerely


Finance Officer