POA Circulars

52 | 22.05.2012

Special Allowance: Mark Time Pay

It has been drawn to the National Executive Committee’s attention that some staff are being returned to discipline duties for operational reasons and advised that they will only retain their specialist allowance for two years. This is not correct.

The agreement between the POA and NOMS is clear, if any member of staff is regraded for operational reasons they retain their specialist allowance until their pay catches up. Mark time pay is not time bound and should any member be advised that their specialist allowance is time bound they must raise a grievance and seek a resolution locally.

If your grievance is not upheld, you should seek legal advice by completing the appropriate form from the Legal Advice Handbook and forward this, with all supporting documents, to the secretary of the Legal Aid Committee at Cronin House.

This matter has also been raised with NOMS on a national basis to seek a speedy resolution.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary