POA Circulars

173 | 16.12.2011

Ministers ignore views on public sector pension contributions

The Government has announced today that it intends to ignore the vast majority of respondents to its consultation who rejected the need to increase pension contributions for civil servants.

The POA, along with other Unions whose membership are in the Civil Service Schemes, made representations that contribution increases were not necessary and were just a tax on public sector workers, as the money raised from contribution increases would go to the Treasury to pay off the deficit.

There are still meetings in the sectors appertaining to our membership.  The POA remains committed to seeking a negotiated settlement on pensions that is fair to our members in the Health Service Scheme and the Civil Service Schemes.  The contribution increase also applies to our Health workers covered by the NHS where Government also ignored the views of the respondents during the consultation period.

At a time of pay freezes and high inflation, contribution increases for pensions for POA members is grossly unfair.  The POA remain committed in seeking a negotiated position on pension reform for our members and we sincerely hope that Government share those same commitments. The POA will update the membership after a meeting on Monday 19th December 2011 where a Public Service Liaison Group are meeting to discuss pensions.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary