POA Circulars

155 | 10.11.2011

NOMS new working structures document approved by Treasury



The National Executive Committee has been waiting for Treasury approval in respect of the NOMS new working structures document following the promulgation of POA Circulars 146 and 151.  This was acceded to today, the 10th November 2011.

In the current economic climate the union’s membership must recognise the significance of this decision, which will allow further consultation pending ratification/rejection of the final document by the membership.

The NEC will now continue to work with NOMS on the document and a schedule will be produced to facilitate an Information/Special Delegates Conference and workplace ballot.  Further information on this will be promulgated in due course.

It is vital that during this transitional period all members refrain from listening to or creating rumours and innuendos on these proposals.

The NEC will ensure that all members are provided with accurate and easy to read information, which fully explains the offer and this will be promulgated in due course by way of a POA Circular.

Thanking you for your full co-operation and support.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary