POA Circulars

152 | 08.11.2011

New membership Benefits

I am writing to update you on three new membership benefits that I have secured; these can be accessed through the membership benefits section or new shop section of the POA website @ www.poauk.org.uk

PatrolStore.com offers a wide range of Police, Security and Prison Officer Clothing, boots, bags and equipment at competitive prices with quick delivery and exceptional customer service. The POA has teamed up with PatrolStore to offer its members exclusive discounts on a select range of products specifically chosen with Operational Custodial staff in mind.

Happy Feet Massaging Insoles is working in partnership with the POA to provide you and your family members with the benefits of this amazing product! Sold in the USA for over 15 years, Happy Feet insoles have been clinically proven to provide unrivalled support for people working on their feet, as well as delivering increased circulation to the feet and lower legs through its unique massaging system leading to increased health of the foot. The insoles are being offered at a 25% discount to POA members and their families In addition Happy Feet insoles are provided with a 30 day money back guarantee to all POA members.

PJVilla (owned and operated by POA Honorary life member Pete Cartwright and his wife Jane) is set in the heart of beautiful Bulgaria near to Veliko Tarnovo offering POA members a relaxing holiday in a rural village where you can experience real Bulgarian life as it happens. Clean air, beautiful scenery, tasty local food and wines, all still very inexpensive. Book a holiday between March and November in 2012 and receive 15% membership discount and complimentary bottles of red and white wine.

REMEMBER accessing these and other discounted POA benefits found @ www.poauk.org.uk you can significantly offset the cost of your annual subscriptions.
As your Finance Officer, I will continue to source new and improved providers to ensure that your subscriptions are wisely spent.

I am always open to suggestions for new benefits and if members believe there are goods and services which may be of interest to the membership, please contact me and I will investigate these further.

Yours sincerely


Pete Chapple
Finance Officer

151 | 08.11.2011

NOMS New Working Structures Document

During the Special NEC Meeting on the 2nd November 2011, convened to discuss the above, the Executive determined to promulgate POA Circular 146/2011 in an attempt to quash rumours and innuendos in respect of the above.  The content and instructions set out in this Circular remain in force.

As you know members of the NEC have been involved in detailed negotiations for many months on the above.  During this time the proposed changes have been described as many things and the NEC have been very disappointed with the slippage of information, which has clearly raised concerns amongst members.

These new proposals are now subject to Treasury approval and the decision is expected on Friday the 4th November 2011.

At the NEC meeting on the 2nd November 2011, the Executive passed the following proposal:

“The NEC accepts the NOMS new working structures document as being the best that can be achieved at this time”.

As a result of this proposal the team who have been responsible for these negotiations have written to NOMS seeking clarification on some issues.

If as expected Treasury approve the new document, a further period of consultation will take place and all key stakeholders will inform members and workers of the proposals and how this affects them as individuals.  The POA NEC will ensure that the membership are kept fully abreast of how these changes, impact on members and the Union.  As part of the communications and the process to obtain a decision from the membership through the ballot box the following timetable was agreed by the NEC.

  • Letter to NOMS reference minor amendments
  • Latest document to Treasury for approval 4th November 2011
  • Extended consultation with NOMS commences 8th November 2011
  • Flow of information reference change to members
  • Information Conference and Special Delegates Conference to be arranged last week in November, first week in December
  • Workplace Ballot on final document commences Monday 12th December 2011
  • Ballot closes 21st December 2011
  • Scrutineers and tellers to count and announce result 22nd December 2011

Whilst this timetable has been agreed a number of external factors may well determine whether it is achievable.  If this changes or once a final timetable is established, members will be updated by way of a POA Circular and the POA Website at www.poauk.org.uk

This timetable will also facilitate branch meetings in between the Conference and start of the ballot.

Finally, the Executive felt that it was important to set out some of the key issues, which are contained in these proposals and they are as follows: -

1.    No Compulsory Redundancies
2.    Lifetime Pay and Conditions Protection
3.    Bulletin 8 preserved in its entirety
4.    PSI 42/97 preserved in its entirety
5.    Enhanced Overtime Rates for OSG Grade
6.    No Regional Pay
7.    Retention of Payment Plus
8.    Absolute Right to submit Claims to Prison Service Pay Review Body annually

Can you please ensure that the information in this Circular is distributed to all members in the branches.  Also be advised that further information will be published on the POA Website and via POA Circular.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary