POA Circulars

136 | 29.09.2011

Mutual Aid Agreement for Staffing Bed Watches Post September 2011 Within The West Midlands Region

Following the promulgation of POA Circular 135/2011 sent out today and the letter to Michael Spurr, NOMS have decided to withdraw the above agreement which was due to be in force as of Saturday, 1st October 2011.

Members of the National Executive Committee will meet with representatives of NOMS early next week to discuss any concerns that they have with bed watch arrangements at HMP Birmingham.

It is not for the public sector to support the private sector in the day to day operation of any prison.  We accept that mutual aid is only appropriate in a riot situation.  However, as a responsible trade union we will enter into discussions with NOMS to look at all available options to ensure POA members are safe in their workplace.

Further information will be promulgated next week, but it is important that all members are made aware that the requirement for staff from the public sector to cover bed watches at HMP Birmingham has now been withdrawn and no member should be asked to do this work.

Yours sincerely


PJ McParlin
National Chairman