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134 | 28.09.2011

POA Fighting for Full Trade Union Rights: E-petition 17742

As you will know for many years we as a Union have campaigned for our full rights to be restored. In continuing that campaign Brian Traynor has been working with Phil Birch Branch Chair of Send in formulating and launching an e-petition using the Government website on behalf of POA members.

This petition is fully supported and endorsed by the National Executive Committee. The petition has received a very positive response already, but we need to achieve 100,000 signatures to have our rights debated in the Houses of Parliament.

It is essential we hit the target figure as we progress towards the European Court of Human Rights.  We can do it together if we all sign the petition, ask our friends, family and contacts to sign it as well.

The Executive have called for assistance from Brother and Sister Trade Unions. Some Unions have already posted the petition on their websites encouraging their members to support our fight.

Please ensure you sign the petition using the link below;

Your e-petition "Restore Full Trade Union Rights to the Prison Officers' Association" has now been published. You can view your e-petition at: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/17742

You can also share this URL to promote your e-petition or use the social network links available on your e-petition's page.

HM Government e-petitions http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/



Yours sincerely


General Secretary