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128 | 16.09.2011

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UPDATE: Conservative Fringe - Who Should Profit From the Penal System

The Government supported opening up the penal system to greater private sector involvement, including introducing a penal system that “paid by results”, Justice Secretary Ken Clarke said today.

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The Trade Union Congress is now complete.  The POA delegation played a significant part in the debates.  On Monday 12th September 2011, I delivered a speech on Trade Union Rights, which was a Composite Motion along with five other trade unions.  The motion was carried.

On Tuesday 13th September 2011, I moved an Emergency Motion with regards to the recent riots, where I praised the response by POA members as an Emergency Service.  This motion was also carried.

The National Chairman moved another POA motion in respect of the 40 hour week for prisoners working and the Rehabilitation Revolution.  He also supported a motion from the National Association of Probation Officers (NAPO) in respect of the privatisation agenda within the Criminal Justice System.

On Wednesday 14th September 2011, I spoke along with fourteen other delegates on pensions and the need for meaningful negotiations, which was Composite Motion 5.  Public Sector Unions made it clear that we were united on this issue and that a day of action including demonstrations and protests would take place if progress was not made.  Further information will be coming out with regards to pensions in due course.

Future Events

The Liberal Democrat Conference commences on Sunday 18th September 2011.  Unions are planning along with community groups a demonstration on that day.

On Tuesday 20th September 2011, the POA are holding a Fringe Meeting, which has been organised with the New Statesman.  The Fringe Meeting will commence at 13.00pm at the Novotel Hotel in Broad Street, Birmingham.  POA members are invited to attend where a panel will consist of myself, Lord McNally (Liberal Democrats), Harry Fletcher (NAPO), Jerry Petherick (G4S).   The theme is on crime and the prison system and who should profit from the penal system.

Further POA Fringes are as follows;

Labour Party Conference Monday 26th September 2011 in the Black Room, CIRCO Bar, Albert Dock, Liverpool at 08.30.  I will be sharing a platform with the Shadow Secretary of State for Justice The Rt Hon Sadiq Khan, Frances Crook (Howard League), Jonathan Ledger (NAPO), Jerry Petherick (G4S).  POA members once again are invited to attend.

Conservative Party Conference on Tuesday 4th October 2011, at the Lord Mayor’s Parlour, Manchester Town Hall.  The Fringe meeting will commence at 18.30 and the National Chairman Peter McParlin will be on the panel with The Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC Secretary of State for Justice, Harry Fletcher (NAPO) and Richard Morris (G4S).

This is an opportunity for the POA to enter into constructive dialogue and debate issues and articulate our views at all three Party Conferences with Senior Politicians and individuals from within the Criminal Justice System.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary