POA Circulars

127 | 08.09.2011

Negotiations on the wider strategic reforms programme

Many of you will know that members of the Executive have been in negotiations with NOMS on a wide range of issues on a “without prejudice and confidential basis”. The negotiations have been extremely positive, but nothing has been agreed.

To date the Union has not been in a position to appraise the membership on the progress of these negotiations nor would it have been appropriate.  However, the Executive have been made aware of rumours surrounding the negotiations and as a result have been left with no option, but to formally notify the membership of the issues, which are subject to negotiation.

•    Facility Time/Agreement
•    Pay Reform, JES and Workforce Reform
•    Code of Conduct PSI 6/2010 – PSO 8460
•    Trade Union Rights

As stated, the negotiations have been positive and it is hoped that the National Executive Committee will be in a position to fully update the membership on the progress of these issues in the very near future.

The National Executive Committee are extremely disappointed that other organisations and individuals have broken the confidence of both parties at such a sensitive time in the negotiations.  We can only assume, this has been done on a self-preservation basis.  However, it is “totally” unacceptable and we have raised the matter formally with NOMS.

The Executive ask all members to be patient, but more importantly await the full briefing in due course.  We realise members will be anxious, but it would be completely inappropriate to disclose the current position during these negotiations, but please feel free to draw the contents of this circular to your members.

Thanking you in anticipation of your total understanding and co-operation on this matter.


Yours sincerely


General Secretary