POA Circulars

126 | 07.09.2011

Boots and Shoes

It has been drawn to the National Executives Committee’s attention that the Prison Service issued boots and shoes, which may not be fit for purpose.

As you know the Service imposed the change of manufacturer and withdrew the cash alternative for staff to purchase their own footwear, after an extensive trial of the new boots and shoes. The Service issued the new footwear as PPE and therefore it has to be fit for purpose. Members of the Executive have been made aware of some of the problems that members have encountered with the new footwear, but it is vital that we are fully aware of the extent of the problem so that the matter can be resolved by the Health and Safety Committee.

It is requested that all POA Committee’s ensure that the membership report all near misses and accidents, which occur as a result of the faulty footwear and that it is entered into the accident book and reported to local management.

If any member’s footwear is starting to wear or is not fit for purpose they should report this to their line management and ask for a replacement pair or suitable alternative.

It is vital that all POA Committee’s raise this issue formally at the next Governor/POA meeting and Health and Safety Reps put it on the agenda for the next safety Committee meeting. Both the Committee and the safety rep are to seek an assurance from Management that they will provide all staff with appropriate PPE whilst they are at work.

To assist the Executive in progressing this matter will all Branch Secretary’s please compile a report on the problems at their branch and forward these to Cronin House for the attention of Joe Simpson Assistant Secretary, no later than Monday the 3rd October 2011.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation on this issue.


Yours sincerely


General Secretary