POA Circulars

120 | 15.08.2011

Prison Population Increase

The prison population as of today stands at record levels 86,201 prisoners in our care.  This is an all-time high.  It is recognised that the riots and civil disobedience has contributed to those numbers in recent days where the police, courts and prisons have been working flat out to accommodate those being brought to justice.

The POA informed the National Offender Management Services that we would fully co-operate during these unprecedented times.  The National Executive Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all the membership for their co-operation, professionalism and dignity in which once again we have put public safety before our own concerns.

The POA have always been clear with this Coalition Government in that we do not believe the cuts agenda to our prisons, courts, policing or indeed social fabric is correct.  The cuts that we are facing over the next four years are unsustainable.  Our prisons are full yet they embark in a prison closure programme and competition policy.

We will strive to engage with politicians of all the main parties and attempt to force a U-turn into these damaging cuts, which are detrimental to not just the POA membership but the whole of society.

Once again, we thank the membership for their professionalism as one of the emergency services that this country relies upon to protect the general public.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary