POA Circulars

112 | 28.07.2011

Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme Consultation

The National Executive Committee in recent documentation circulated prior to the workplace ballot on pensions, advised the membership of the intent of Government to increase civil servants contributions to their pension scheme from April 2012.  There will also be further proposals from the Coalition Government relating to more contribution rate increases in 2013/2014 and 2014/15 along with more reforms to public sector pension schemes.

The membership were extremely clear in rejecting Government proposals.  There will now be a consultation period which concludes on 30th September 2011.  A meeting between Unions and Cabinet Office has been set for 2pm at 70 Whitehall on Friday 29th July 2011, to explore how we can progress this over the coming months.

The POA Executive have always been clear that our pensions are sustainable and affordable and this is backed up by an independent report from the National Audit Office.
The Executive will be seeking information and the cost envelope for the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme.

Once again, the membership are urged to engage with their Members of Parliament on this and other issues that you may wish to raise such as pay freeze, redundancies, market testing, prison closure programme, civil service compensation scheme and the wider issue of pension reform.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary