POA Circulars

96 | 23.06.2011

Pension Update

The National Executive Committee at a specially convened meeting determined that it would enact Emergency Motion 75a from Annual Conference 2011 which reads;

“Following the publication of the Conservative led coalition Government’s response to Lord Hutton’s report into the provisions of Public Service Pensions, Conference instructs the National Executive Committee to ballot all affected members to establish if they accept the Government’s proposals on change.

If the membership rejects the Governments proposals, Conference authorise the Executive to take any and all appropriate action deemed necessary to oppose these proposals/changes to the provisions of Public Service Pensions”.

The reason the Executive have determined to move to ballot, is to protect our position from the public comments made by Danny Alexander MP regarding the ongoing negotiations.

The Coalition Government are clear, that they want you to pay more in contributions and work longer and retire in line with the state pension age, which will rise to 66 years of age.  The move away from those on final salary to career average schemes coupled with imposition of RPI/CPI for calculation purposes means individuals will certainly lose pension benefits.

The ballot will commence on 30th June 2011 and conclude on 18th July 2011.  Further information will be sent out in due course direct to Branch Officials via a Branch Secretary Circular.

The Executive ask you to vote against these changes and give us a mandate to ensure that we can take any and all appropriate action to protect you the membership.


Yours sincerely

General Secretary