POA Circulars

93 | 15.06.2011

Pension Protest Meeting - 30th June 2011

The National Executive Committee has decided to call a Protest Meeting on 30th June 2011 at each establishment throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The meeting should be called outside the establishment at lunchtime.  This Protest Meeting is to demonstrate our opposition to the changes to our terms and conditions with regard to pensions.

The Executive would encourage every member to participate in this Protest Meeting.

There may be Industrial Action/Strike Action by other Unions on the 30th June 2011 - POA members should only do their contracted duties in accordance with their terms and conditions of employment on 30th June 2011.  POA members should also offer support to any lawful pickets by other Unions and the Executive would remind members that they do not need to enter the establishment until their official start times.



Yours sincerely

General Secretary