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86 | 01.06.2011

POA's Tax Credit Service New Membership Benefit

According to the latest research, thousands of POA members could be missing out because they think tax credits are only for the very low paid. Other reasons include not understanding the tax credit system or having been forced to repay credits in the past, members are put off claiming them again.

If you have children under 20 years old OR you work over 30 hours* per week, I am pleased to tell you the POA has launched a new service to help make sure you get (and keep)  ALL the Child Tax or Working Tax Credits you’re entitled to.

Tax Credits are designed to boost your income. How much you get depends on your circumstances and household income, but in some cases, the amounts can be very significant! The average pay-out for Child Tax Credit is over £3,500 per year. Unfortunately, the tax credit system is very complicated and changes to the rules this year make it more likely you could make a mistake and have to pay money back!

That’s where our new service comes in. Through our partners at Tax Credit Solutions (TCS), our Tax Credit Service will tell you how much money you’re entitled to receive. What’s more, it’s completely FREE to find out.

As long as you’re due £150 or more and want to claim your money, you’ll be given the option of doing everything yourself, or letting the POA service do it all for you. For a small fee, this will….

  • Save you going through 24 pages of help notes and completing at least 12 pages of claim forms
  • Tell you exactly how much money you should get every month
  • Submit your completed claim forms to The Revenue
  • Chase up your claim if there are any delays in paying out your money, saving you the time & stress of trying to get through to The Revenue helpline
  • Make sure the amount of money The Revenue pays you is correct and sort it for you if it isn’t
  • Remind you to tell TCS if your circumstances change so The Revenue can’t demand your money back
  • Remove the need for you to have any on-going contact with The Revenue
  • Provide instant answers to all your tax credit questions

Anyone over 16 who normally lives in the UK can apply for tax credits, so if you have children under 20 or work at least 30 hours per week, just access the service via the membership benefits section of the POA website www.poauk.org.uk or go to www.mytaxcredits.co.uk/poa2 and answer the simple questions. It will cost you NOTHING to find out how much money you’re entitled to.


Yours sincerely

Finance Officer