POA Circulars

83 | 17.05.2011

POA Diary 2012

The NEC have for some time been considering the style of the unions diary and it’s content, and as a result placed the following motion before Annual Conference this year.

Conference accepts the POA diary needs to be modernised and streamlined in an effort to reduce costs and encourage members to access the POA website to attain up to date information.  Therefore, Conference authorises the NEC to review and redesign the entire contents of the diary and any changes made to come into effect in the 2012 edition.

The above motion was carried and during the debate it was agreed to seek the views of all members as to what was to be removed and included to reduce costs, to make the diary more user friendly and fit for purpose.

I would be grateful if you would forward any views or comments to my Secretary Carol Strahan by Tuesday 7th June 2011.

As you know the production of the diary has to commence no later than the end of June to ensure diaries are distributed to all branches in line with Conference policy.


Yours sincerely

Finance Officer