POA Circulars

82 | 17.05.2011

DPSM'S & Local Pay Allowances (LPA'S)

A number of branches raised concerns in respect of the above and clarification was sought from NOMS earlier this year.

Please find attached the response from Robin Wilkinson which also includes the Principal Officer calculation for DPSM pay.

It trust this clarifies the concerns raised by branches on the issue of DPSM’s pay.

In respect of LPA’s, if any branch believes they have a justifiable case for an increase in their allowance, they should raise this locally with management who in turn can put forward the issues to NOMS.

It is clear that as part of the Reward and Restructuring Programme NOMS are looking to change the LPA policy. To date, the POA have not been advised of any proposals on the changes NOMS are considering.

If the Reward and Restructuring Programme brings about change with the POA, and other unions from the remit group, the Prison Service Pay Review Body would have to agree to the change and make recommendations to Government. If there is no agreement, submissions to the PSPRB will continue as normal.

I would be grateful if you could draw the contents of this circular to your members.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation.


Yours sincerely

General Secretary

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