POA Circulars

72 | 19.04.2011

Freelance Journalist Carlton Boyce

It has been drawn to the attention of the Executive that Carlton Boyce has written to the majority of branches setting out his position as a freelance journalist.

Carlton has submitted an article for Gatelodge which was published in the April magazine.  He has also indicated that he wishes to attend our Conference as part of the press and media delegation, but he has not been invited or asked to attend by the NEC.

It is clear that Carlton is trying to engage local officials in an attempt to secure copy for publication.  If any officials wish to engage with him and provide stories that is a matter for them.

The NEC do not endorse Mr Boyce and to date they have had no dealings with him.

It is clear that Carlton is trying to make a living as a freelance journalist and that is his right, but to reiterate the Executive have not endorsed him in any way.

I trust this clarifies any concerns.


Yours sincerely

General Secretary