POA Circulars

69 | 18.04.2011

Meeting with G4S 14th/15th April 2011

On the above dates, members of the Birmingham Branch Committee namely Adrian Watts and Brian Clarke attended a meeting with G4S in respect of the privatisation of HMP Birmingham. This was essential for early dialogue as the company effectively commence the contract on 1st October 2011.  Also in attendance were Terry Fullerton, Pete McParlin and myself.

The meeting was professional with mutual respect being given.  It is obviously too early to determine outcomes to our many concerns, however this first meeting set up a timetable of events to ensure that early meetings and information will be forth coming.

From a POA perspective it was a positive meeting.  We will keep you updated and informed of future developments as they arise.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Birmingham Officials who engaged positively on behalf of their member’s interests, to ensure that G4S were reminded of the Birmingham membership’s professionalism and preparedness to engage.


Yours sincerely

General Secretary