POA Circulars

68 | 18.04.2011

Accommodation Fabric Checks

At the NEC meeting held on the 13th April 2011, the Executive discussed the implications to the revision to NSF function 3.2 AFC’s would have on the security, safety and wellbeing of POA members in establishments that no longer are required to conduct daily AFC checks.

Despite the objections and concerns raised by the Executive through the Security and Custody Whitley Sub Committee NOMS has decided to impose this change, which is as a result of the new specification. The Executive therefore decided that a National Dispute will be raised and that all establishments outside of the high security estate, who are affected by this should raise a local dispute as a matter of urgency.

The security of our workplace and the Health and Safety of our members cannot be put at risk in an attempt to save money by further reducing frontline staff.

Thank you for your support and co-operation on this vital matter.


Yours sincerely

General Secretary