POA Circulars

66 | 14.04.2011

Branch Protest Meetings During Lunchtime

Following the promulgation of POA Circular 62/11 the National Executive Committee, instruct all Branches to hold a further lunchtime meeting on Wednesday the 20th April and Tuesday the 26th April 2011.

At the meeting members should discuss the implications of the Secretary of State for Justice Ken Clarke’s statement that all Public Sector Prisons are subject to competition policy. Members should also discuss the impact of the revision to NSF function 3.2 Accommodation Fabric Checks and the impact this will have on the Health and Safety of staff.

The Executive will continue to support our colleagues at Birmingham as they continue discussions with the private sector provider G4S and seek to establish the list of vacancies within the public sector estate.

The Executive would like to persuade all POA members to attend these protest meetings, to demonstrate solidarity with your colleagues at HMP Birmingham and to report back to your NEC rep any issues arising from these meetings.


Yours sincerely

General Secretary