POA Circulars

61 | 06.04.2011

Special NEC Meeting

The National Executive Committee met on the 5th April 2011, at Cronin House for a Special NEC Meeting.

The Executive are fully supportive of our members at HMP Birmingham and we will do all that we can to do to assist them, with regards to the decision to privatise them.  We fully hope this is endorsed by the wider membership

The purpose of this Circular is clearly to support our members at Birmingham and it has been determined by the Executive that all POA members should work only to their contractual obligations, which should commence immediately until further directed by the National Executive Committee

The Executive have also determined that the membership should be persuaded to adhere to all start times, finish times and meal breaks as part of contractual obligations.  If you need further advice on this Circular Branch Officials are requested to phone your designated NEC Representative for clarification.


Yours sincerely

General Secretary