POA Circulars

56 | 28.03.2011

Election Results in Scotland and Northern Ireland

On Wednesday 23rd March 2011 the result for the election of the Scottish Chairman was announced.  The Scottish membership at a workplace ballot determined that Phil Fairlie would be the new Scottish Chairman of the Scottish National Committee, which of course coincides with the retirement of the current Scottish Chairman Mr David Melrose.

I am sure everyone will wish Phil Fairlie all the very best in his new position when he takes up post.

Further today 28th March 2011 the result of the election of the Area Chairman for Northern Ireland has been announced after workplace ballots.  The Northern Ireland membership have re-elected Mr Finlay Spratt for the position that he currently holds.

I am sure everyone will wish Finlay Spratt all the very best in his continuance as Chairman of Northern Ireland.

I would also like to thank all candidates in the respective elections in Northern Ireland and Scotland.


Yours sincerely

General Secretary