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51 | 23.03.2011

Final Arrangements: March for the Alternative - 26th March 2011

The TUC has updated unions on the latest logistical arrangements for the event.

The Executive has decided that from our perspective this circular will be our final arrangements, in conjunction with previous circulars.

The TUC has indicated any last minute alterations will be posted on www.marchforthealternative.org.uk and I would advise any branch or individuals who are attending to check that website on the run up to Saturday 26th March 2011.

I am extremely grateful to the Castington Branch who has volunteered to assist with carrying the national banners and moving T-shirts and placards from Temple Place, where a drop off point has been identified for trades union equipment prior to road closures.  If any other branches would like to assist Castington please contact Angela Sinclair at Cronin House who will provide more details.


As previously reported, there is a range of coach parks around Central London for use on the day.  Coaches do not need to drop off at the coach parks; they can drop off nearer to the assembly point or to public transport links in many cases.  Pick-up however is likely to require people to return to where the coach is parked.

Those using public transport should plan their journey and think carefully about what station they travel to and avoid any unnecessary changes.  The TUC will be working with Transport for London to provide passengers with up to date information on the day.

Unless POA members are arriving very early, they should aim to join the march at Zone 6 where the POA will be marching with PCS.  Zone 6 is situated along Victoria Embankment near Waterloo Bridge.  It must be stressed there is absolutely no guarantee that everyone will be consumed within Zone 6 from PCS or indeed POA due to the masses expected.  Once a zone is full, it is full.  It may be that our contingent will be split so it is best to arrive early to find Zone 6, otherwise you could find yourselves in different zones.  There is absolutely nothing that can be done to avoid this.  The main issue is that people attend and enjoy the day, irrespective of where they are.

General Council members have been allocated to the front of the march.  At the time of writing this circular the Executive is determining whether it would be advantageous for the General Secretary to be with other Council members for the maximum publicity for the POA or indeed marching in Zone 6.  I am comfortable with what is deemed to be best for the POA and you will be updated accordingly.  In total there will be 14 zones.  Please use your best endeavours to get to Zone 6.  TUC stewards will assist in this process at Embankment.


There will be two levels of stewards on the march and along the route; Route Stewards wearing orange high visibility jackets and Senior Stewards wearing pink.  TUC Senior Stewards will line the route of the march and all will have radios linked via the Deputy Chief Stewards (wearing red and who will manage each team of Senior Stewards) to Event Control in Hyde Park.

I would encourage all members to follow the guidance of all Stewards when approaching the Embankment and along the route.


Special arrangements have been made by the TUC for people who wish to join the march at the main assembly point, who wish to join the last part of the march for a shorter route of the rally, wish to attend a static protest point in Hyde Park, or go straight to the rally.  Details of these arrangements can be found on the March for the Alternative website.

Can I thank branches who are participating and who have organised their own transport, whether that be by train, coach or other means; I am extremely grateful.

I would remind every member that they are representing the POA on this march and I know everyone will enjoy the day and act professionally in a peaceful protest.

The main issue is taking part and enjoying the day with fellow trades unionists, students and pensioners in sending a clear message to this Conservative led Coalition Government.

Please find enclosed map to assist.


Yours sincerely

General Secretary


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