POA Circulars

31 | 24.02.2011

Risk Assessments and Safe Systems of Work

At the Special Delegates Conference on the 23rd February 2011, Motion 4 was passed.

The Motion read:

“That this Conference demand the Health and Safety of every POA member be protected by the employer and that safe systems of work, risk assessments, impact assessments etc. are reviewed immediately and the necessary funds released to ensure the safety and security of every place of work is put in place.  Furthermore, Conference mandate the NEC and the membership to support any member or branch who withdraw to a place of safety following any act of violence, act of concerted indiscipline or riot, where they reasonably believe their Health and Safety is in serious and imminent danger”.

To assist branch officials and POA members, please find attached a question and answer document on Risk Assessments, Safe Systems of Work and your rights under Health and Safety.

Thank you in anticipation of your assistance with this matter.


Yours sincerely

General Secretary