POA Circulars

169 | 21.12.2010

English Defence League

There has been a general inquiry with regards to whether a member of the above organisation can be employed by NOMS and remain a member of the POA.


In respect of the Employer, the current position is that staff are not prohibited from joining the EDL, however there is an overriding policy that all staff must not bring discredit to the service through their conduct on or off duty.  The Staff Handbook says “Staff must not take any action on or off duty that could affect, cast doubt on or conflict with the performance of their official duties for example, outside activities or membership of organisations which promote racism”.


The POA Executive however have made clear at its meeting on the 15th December 2010, that such membership of the EDL would not be compatible with our policies and Rules and Constitution, therefore any POA member found to be a member of the English Defence League would be referred to the Unions Conduct Committee.

Yours sincerely



General Secretary