POA Circulars

165 | 20.12.2010

TUC march and rally 26th March 2011

The General Council of the TUC has announced that there will be a march for the alternative to the Comprehensive Spending Review Cuts. The Rally will focus on issues such as a Robin Hood Tax on the banks, closing tax loopholes and exposing the ideology of the Coa lition Government.

This is an opportunity for the POA membership to tum out in force to campaign against the cuts within our prison establishments. In order for the Executive to prepare for this demonstration, we need to know the estimate of POA members attending.

I would therefore be grateful if a list can be put in every workplace to identify who will be able to attend the Rally on 26th March 2011.

This will allow the Executive to plan for transport, banners, t- shirts etc . I would be grateful if every branch could advertise this event, which will hopefully be one of the largest rallies ever and encourage grass roots members to attend.

Please send a list of members wanting to attend no later than 30th January 2011. to Cronin House for the attention of the General Secretary. This Rally will also be open to members. family and friends.


Yours sincerely



General Secretary


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