POA Circulars

167 | 20.12.2010

Re: Breaking the cycle: Effective punishment rehabilitation and sentencing of offenders

You will be aware the Coalition Government has published its green paper on the
above subject.

The POA will be putting in a substantive submission during the consultation period, which ends on the 4th March 2011.

The green paper is far reaching and will potentially have a massive effect on public sector prison officer grades in England and Wales.

A team has been set up to deal with our submission. Members of that team are Joe Simpson Assistant Secretary and Duncan Keys Assistant Secretary . Steve Lewis Research Officer will assist them along with David Evans POA Advisor .

I request that branches give this great consideration and feed in to Steve Lewis at North Regional Office any representations that they wish the Executive to consider as part of our detailed submission, no later than 30th January 2011.

The full document can be found along with impact assessments on website www.justice.gov.uk


Yours sincerely



General Secretary