POA Circulars

153 | 24.11.2010

Closure of Civil Service Appeal Board

Many of you will be aware that the Coalition Government announced a number of quangos that would be closed, the CSAB was one of those identified.

The POA do not accept that the CSAB can close without alternative compensatory measures being established.  We are currently looking at all legal avenues to challenge this decision with our sister unions in the Council of Civil Service Unions (CCSU).  We are currently awaiting the legal advice and considering all options.

The CSAB and Government have determined that no appeals to the CSAB will be accepted after the 30th November 2010.  The NEC again does not accept the CSAB or Government can set the arbitrary date to facilitate current backlogs and excessive workloads.  Therefore, if any member is dismissed and the appeal authority dismisses the claim, an application to the CSAB should be made and of course legal advice sought.

We trust this clarifies the current position and the NEC will keep you updated on future developments.


Yours sincerely


National Chairman


Yours sincerely



General Secretary