POA Circulars

144 | 04.11.2010

Disturbances at HMP & YOI Moorland and Warren Hill

The National Executive Committee have been liaising with the local branch committee’s of the respective branches, regarding the serious concerted indiscipline.

The Executive would like to place on record the excellent communications between the local committee’s and NEC members, in order that accurate information was given on a regular basis.

It is absolutely clear, had it not been for the bravery and dedication of professional Prison Officers and related grades in dealing with the disturbances and the preservation of life, then these matters could have been much worse at both Moorland and Warren Hill.

All too often Prison Officers do not get the recognition they rightly deserve.  The POA will not allow these disturbances to go unnoticed with our Employer, Politicians and the general public.

We will point out through the media and briefings to Politicians the tremendous work that was carried out during these disturbances, by our members.

Our thanks go to all those involved at Moorland and Warren Hill and to the Tornado Teams who were deployed from various other prisons.

Cuts to frontline staff are unsustainable and we will do everything in our power at national level to make Politicians realise that these year on year cuts are dangerous and will lead to more incidents within our prison estate.

The Executive once again thank the local committee’s and membership for the outstanding work in containing these incidents.

Yours sincerely



General Secretary


Yours sincerely



Acting National Chairman