POA Circulars

143 | 03.11.2010

Change of Address - Prison Service Headquarters

You may be aware that Cleland House has closed and been mothballed for several weeks while staff have been redeployed to other departments.  As a result of this closure the address for Prison Service Headquarters is as follows:

Clive House
70 Petty France

Should any member need to forward correspondence to Prison Service Headquarters, this address must be used as Cleland House is now empty and there is no guarantee that correspondence will be collected or forwarded.

It is not advisable for members or branch officials to issue Employment Tribunal proceedings, but if they do so then the above must be quoted as being the address for Service. Any application submitted by members or branch officials may not meet the criteria for legal assistance, under the POA Rules.

If you have any concerns over applications that you have submitted recently yourself or on behalf of members, you must contact your Governor to establish if the Service has taken receipt of the claim or alternatively telephone Glyn Travis Secretary of the Legal Aid Committee, who will assist you wherever possible.

Yours sincerely



Finance Office