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137 | 14.10.2010

Important Dates for the Remainder of October 2010

On the run up to the Comprehensive Spending Review, which is on 20th October 2010 it is important that the membership are updated of events pre and post the review.

POA member’s not just local Branch Officials or National Executive Committee members should where possible become actively involved and play their part in resisting the cuts, which will inevitably impact on their working lives.

Here is a list of dates up to the end of October 2010 that are important events.

19th October 2010:    TUC sponsored Lobby at Westminster Central Hall commencing at 12.00pm.

12.30pm Brendan Barber TUC to give opening address.

2.30pm onwards Lobby of MP’s.

Information about the Campaign is on a new section of the TUC Website www.tuc.org.uk/alltogether.

If you cannot attend the Rally please can you use the link to email your MP in advance of the Comprehensive Spending Review and tell them as a Constituent that you are worried about the pace, scale and fairness of the planned cuts.

The TUC have supplied information on Lobbying your Member of Parliament. Please read in advance of the Rally and Lobby (please see attached).

20th October 2010:    Coalition of Resistance Rally. - 6pm opposite Downing Street.

This Rally will take place opposite Downing Street.  The Coalition was founded by Tony Benn.  The timing of the Rally is at 6pm onwards.  I have been asked to speak along with Bob Crow (RMT), Jeremy Dear (NUT), Mark Serwotka (PCS), John McDonnell (MP) and many more activists from the Trade Union movement.  I request that if POA members can attend please do so.

20th October 2010:    Stop the Cuts Rally, at Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House, House of Commons at 7pm – 9pm.
Once again, speakers include myself, Bob Crow (RMT), Dot Gibson (National Pensioners Convention), Jonathon Ledger (NAPO) and other speakers.

22nd October 2010:    John McDonnell’s Minor Error Bill

A Rally and Lobby of MP’s took place on 13th October 2010, of which once again I had pleasure of addressing on behalf of the POA.  This Rally took place in Committee Room 14 of the House of Commons with trade union members packing the room out.  I would like to thank Wandsworth Branch and Lewes Branch for their attendance at this important Rally.  It is imperative that each branch in the country contacts their Member of Parliament demanding that they are in the House of Commons on the 22nd October 2010.  Failure to have 100 MPs present will result in the Minor Error Bill Failing.  Information on this has previously been circulated with specimen letters for the membership to fill in.  Please also read the October edition of Gatelodge where John Hendy QC has done an article.

30th October 2010:    Stop the Cuts Rally - 12.30pm Manchester

I will be addressing this Rally in Manchester with other General Secretaries.  The meeting is at Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester.  I again request that POA members attend this Rally.

It is our intention to keep you updated on other activities taking place as part of our strategy to oppose the cuts, in order to get the POA membership actively involved.


Yours sincerely


General Secretary


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