POA Circulars

136 | 14.10.2010

Civil Service Appeal Board

The Coalition Government since coming to power outlined amongst other matters a review that was taking place in relation to non department public bodies, which are often referred to as quangos.

The outcome of that review has been published today and it is the Governments intention to abolish the Civil Service Appeal Board.

The POA through the Council of Civil Service Unions will be taking this matter up with the Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude, seeking immediate clarification about the timing of the closure, the impact on cases already lodged and how the Employer proposes to deal with future appeals on such issues as the level of inefficiency payments, compensation payments etc.

As this has just been announced the POA Executive Committee will be discussing it at its next NEC meeting, which is scheduled for the 26th October 2010.  Further information will be promulgated in due course on this development, but we believed it necessary to make the membership aware at the earliest opportunity.


Yours sincerely


National Chairman


Yours sincerely


General Secretary