POA Circulars

133 | 12.10.2010

Dirty Protest Allowance

As you know, the POA has for a number of years been trying to seek amendments to the current policy, which debars a number of POA members from receiving the appropriate allowance for working in the most demanding of conditions.

In 2009 we raised this with the Pay Review Body who refused to make any recommendations and commented that this was a matter for negotiations with the employer. We are pleased to be able to advise the membership that the Prison Service and NOMS have agreed to re-visit the policy to see if we can address the unjust system which is currently in place.

Whilst we cannot guarantee that improvements will be made, at least we have managed to bring the issue to the negotiating table and a further report will be promulgated in due course.

Will you please draw the contents of this circular to the attention of your members?

Yours sincerely


National Chairman


Yours sincerely


General Secretary