POA Circulars

135 | 12.10.2010

Civil Service Compensation Scheme

Many of you will have heard through the media and Cabinet Office website that the POA had agreed new terms in relation to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme.

A press release dated the 7th October 2010 was promulgated outlining our position.  Since then there has been discussions with the Council of Civil Service Unions on the 11th October 2010.  Once again, the Unions position was made abundantly clear, that until such times as the National Executive Committee has considered the issue on 12th October 2010 and determined an outcome, any final offer remained on a without prejudice basis.

members of the Cabinet Office were left in no doubt about our position and indeed the Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude was also directly informed.

The National Executive Committee at its meeting today considered all the issues and determined the following;

“In line with the Council of Civil Service Unions decision on 11th October 2010, the National Executive Committee of the POA reject the final offer as it stands and urges Cabinet Minister Mr Francis Maude to continue negotiations as a matter of urgency with all CCSU to determine whether agreement can be reached.  Failure to continue with meaningful negotiations may mean a full ballot of POA members, with the Executive recommending rejection of the final offer”.

The POA NEC sincerely hope that Francis Maude will seek to hold urgent discussions with all Council of Civil Service Unions.


Yours sincerely


National Chairman


Yours sincerely


General Secretary