POA Circulars

127 | 06.10.2010

Human Resources Cover Payments

Many of you will know that the Service imposed changes with regards to how staff, who are required to act up to the next rank for any reason, are paid. It is anticipated that the Service will save around £6 million per year throughout NOMS from the imposed changes; money that in our opinion should have been paid to those members performing the duties.

Members of the NEC met with NOMS in an attempt to secure some further changes to minimise the loss, because there is no legal redress available to staff who volunteer. Following protracted discussions, NOMS has decided not to amend the policy because in their opinion it is working and sufficient volunteers are coming forward.

As a result of these discussions it has been established that no one can be ordered to act up and the Governor can only seek volunteers to cover shortfalls. The Governor has a responsibility to ensure the Minimum Staffing Levels are achieved and Safe Systems of Work adhered too, in order to protect the health and well-being of staff but this cannot be achieved by ordering staff to act up to a higher rank.

The NEC is extremely disappointed with the attitude of NOMS on this issue, but not surprised. It is clear that those at the head of NOMS will always attack frontline staff in a bid to protect their own empires.

Given the decision of NOMS not to change its position, the Executive believe it is appropriate to make managers manage. We hope the content of this Circular helps to persuade staff to stop volunteering to act up, in order to encourage NOMS to reconsider its position or make those in grades above cover the work. We ask you to bring the contents of this circular to the attention of all your members. Thanking you in anticipation of your support.

Yours sincerely


National Chairman


Yours sincerely


General Secretary