POA Circulars

129 | 06.10.2010

Conservative and Political Party Conferences

Members of the NEC have attended all of the political party conferences, rallies and demonstrations during the conference season but the key messages regarding the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) and prisons has been made at the Conservative Party Conference.

It is clear from George Osbourne’s speech at the Conservative Conference that Treasury are intent on pressing ahead with cuts to Public Services and the Welfare State. 

Kenneth Clarke also announced some ideas in respect of prisons and prison regimes that certainly attracted headline news during the Conservative Conference.

We have responded to all press and media enquiries throughout the weeks and both of us have engaged in live debates.

Please find attached a press release in respect of the announcement by Kenneth Clarke on prisons.   We trust the press release will be of assistance to you should you be contacted by the local press.

Yours sincerely


National Chairman


Yours sincerely


General Secretary