POA Circulars

126 | 30.09.2010

Prison Officer 2

At a recent NEC meeting it was determined that the Union would seek legal advice regarding the merits of  pursuing an equal pay claim for members in the Prison Officer 2 grade, which was imposed following the open letter from Robin Wilkinson on 27th April 2009.  The Prison Service is looking to introduce a Job Evaluation Scheme to minimise the risk of an equal pay claim.

We have been unable to progress this matter until now due to the recruitment process, as we were unable to determine the gender profile of this grade which is relevant for this type of claim.  We have been further impeded from progressing this issue, as the final pay scales and work profiles for Prison Officer 2 have not yet been finalised or agreed.

So that we may accurately establish the number and gender mix of members in the POA who are employed in the Prison Officer 2 grade or who may be due to commence work in this role before the 30th November 2010. Please complete Annex A and return it to POA Headquarters by Friday, 3rd December 2010 for the attention of Glyn Travis, Secretary to the Legal Aid Committee. 

If you do have members employed or who are about to become employed in the Prison Officer 2 role at your establishment, please ask them to complete the questionnaire at Annex B and return these with the completed Annex A.

Thank you for your assistance with this matter.

Yours sincerely


National Chairman


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